Initially Hyundai Machine Tools and KIA Heavy Industries were manufacturing various kind of Machine Tools and in 1999 Hyundai and Kia merged together and WIA Corp., is now a Global Leader in the Machine Tool sector.

The cutting edge technology of WIA Corporation has made WIA a Top Market Leader with the biggest range of Machine Tools in the world.

Iman Group was initially the local partner of Hyundai Machine Tools in Pakistan and since the merger of Hyundai and KIA Iman group has the privilege to be the sole local agent of WIA Corp., in Pakistan. Our engineers have been trained from WIA and we are now providing complete back up and support for all WIA machines.


Products Made By Hyundai are:


The Omel liquid ring vacuMonoblockum monoblock pump has improved efficiency; reduced size and weight; is insensitive to dirt; is silent, with noises inferior to the ones made by the electric motor itself.


Single Stage

Single StageThe Omel liquid ring vacuum single-stage pump operates with an auxiliary liquid (usually water) in a controlled quantity. As the rotor turns eccentrically within the housing, the fluid is propelled by centrifugal force to the periphery of the housing.


Double Stage

Double StageThe Omel liquid ring vacuum double stage pump operates with auxiliary liquid (usually water) in a controlled quantity. As the rotor rotates eccentrically in the housing, the Iíquido is propelled by centrifugal force to the periphery of the housing.


DMD_desenho_bomba_dosadora_diafragmaThe DMD metering pumps series are a compact pumps that are manufactured with mechanically operated elastomer diaphragm, hermetic head and with a robust reduction mechanism.



DMPDeveloped from the design of NSP metering pump, DMP is a compact plunger metering pump, robust, monoblock construction that allows a modular system the assembly up to 6 pumping heads.


Metering PumoNSPThe NSP pumps are diaphragm pumps used for high precision services with a maximum theoretical capacity which can vary linearly from 0 to 100%, enabling measurements with errors up to 1%.